EVB Pricing for 2018 and 2019

Please contact us for our complete pricing, but this is a starting point so you have an idea.  We accept check, cash and credit cards for payments, and a $200 deposit applies to all booths to reserve your event.

Selfie Kiosk

Our Selfie Kiosk is a drop off booth.  We come out, set it up and pick it up at the end of the rental.  The booth is so simple to use plus it has step by step instructions, the guide the guests through the process.  This booth can do photo strips (2x6 or 4x6) and can do boomerangs, then instantly text or email your guests their sessions.

We offer 3 and 6 hours options, starting at $399

Photo Booth

Our Photo Booth is what most people think of when thinking about photo booths: it comes with the backdrop, props, friendly attendant, printed photo strips (2x6 or 4x6) for guests.  It can also do boomerangs with instant text or email delivery.

We offer 3, 4, 5 hour options starting at $549

Roaming booth

Our newest booth is a roaming photo booth, completely self contained and battery operated.  Our friendly attendant can walk around your event and have guests take their pictures, or do a boomerang where they are.  This booth is something your guests will absolutely love and talk about it for weeks to come.  After the session your guests can instantly text or email their session.

We offer 3, 4, 5 hour options starting at $549


Uplighting is one of the easiest and cost effecting ways to change the way a venue looks. You can take a plain indoor multi use room and wash the walls with color and create a very attractive ambiance. You can light the outside entrance of a venue and create an eye catching entrance. We have battery powered LED uplighting that can create any color you want.

Starting at $499


Cake Mapping is a custom projection onto your cake, we can isolate just your cake from the background and and each layer if wanted. We can then project anything we want onto your cake, pictures of your engagement session, you're monogram, do you want the flowers on the cake to sparkle? We can do all of that, and it is something that makes your event stand out to your guests.

Starting at $499


Monograms are a fun personal touch to your venue, we can project them onto the dance floor for your first dance, we can project then onto a wall so everyone can see them. With our state of the are systems we can create motion monograms and have your guests be amazed when they walk into your reception. We can project on the side of the building so you are dancing under your monogram.

Starting at $399



Slider Boomerang

Reverse Green Screen