When An Ordinary Photo Booth Becomes Extraordinary


Elite Video Booths is the leading premier video photo booth company in Northern California, Bay Area, Napa and Lake Tahoe.  Our commitment to our customers and their experience is second to no one.  Elite Video Booths was started when we kept seeing the same ordinary photo booths again and again. Sure, there's a vintage trailer and VW bug, but it was the same ordinary booth in a different box.  This is when we started to look for something different, something fresh, something unique, and something AMAZING, and that's exactly what we found.  We will always have something new and unique, not found at every other photo booth company. That is why we specialize in video booths.  Video is where it is at. Think about it: what consumes more of your time on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter?  Videos, silly cats, yummy food that looks so good but you will never be able to make it that way, and epic fails.  So why wouldn't you want to wedding, party, or event to be consumed the same way?  A 2x6 strip photo that most people will lose in a day or two is not a way for your guests to remember your event by; give them a video that they will share, so now all of their followers get to see what you had at your event, and I am sure a few of them will share it again because it is so amazing and fresh.  This will all come down to one thing: more people seeing what you had and wishing they got to be a part of it.