How do guests get there pictures?

We have updated the traditional photo for TODAY, everyone wants there pictures on there photo, and on social media.  This is what we have done, we deliver the images, GIFs, Boomerangs and videos through text message, email and social media uploads.  It is all instant and in real time, no more guests loosing there memories from your event.


Do you have props?

Yes we have props and love to bring them.


Do you need internet access?

YES YES YES, but if your venue doesn't have it or won't give you access to it no worries.  We have a wireless hot spot add-on that will cover the internet.


Can I have a live feed during my event?

Yes, we have an option that we will provide a TV and the play a slide show of all the images/videos our booths make.  Everyone will gather around and laugh, smile and have a great time.


Enclosed or open air?

Our booth are all open air booth, but we have a circular backdrop that can enclose the booth. We actually like to use the venue, dance floor or string lights as part of the back ground.  This way everyone gets to see how amazing your event looked.  The only thing that might not be considered open air would be our 360° Revolution, we use a 300° circular surround to help keep other people out and the confetti or flower petals in. 


We don't have power, are we out of luck for a photo booth?

Absolutely not, the best thing about us is, out booths can run on battery power.  The Photo Booth Lite and Photo Booth can be self contained and run off a battery pack, the Photo Booth Max can be run off a super quiet generator.  If you want to have your event in a field, barn out mountain top we have you covered.


How much space is needed?

For our Social Kiosk and Photo Booth about a 10x10 space is perfect.  For 360° Revolution we need a 20x15 space.


What social media platforms do you support?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.  However they are always changing things around, as soon as they change something will will figure it out.


Is there a travel fee?

The first 35 miles from our office are included in the rental, you can always check it against 95650 zip code.  That being said we do offer a discounted travel to Lake Tahoe, Bay Area and Napa.


What areas do you cover?

We have done events in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe, Sacramento and Las Vegas.  Generally we cover Lake Tahoe, Greater Sacramento, Napa and the Bay Area.  How ever we do travel if you want something fun for somewhere else can can cover it.  One of our booths it totally able to be carried on a plane, destination wedding, we can cover that.