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Unattended photo booths for any event, best value.

Photo Booth

Photo booths with attendants.

360° Revolution

The funnest booths out there, video based 360° or slow motion.

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Why Have a Photo Booth?

They are a talking point for all of your guests weeks after then event

They can match your theme

They are as much of the entertainment and a DJ is

They are so much fun, especially our Photo Booth Max 360°

They keep guests interacting with each other


Are booths are not the same old booth

Everything is instant digital delivery to your phone

We have the only 360° booth west of Dallas

We provide a uniquely fun experience

Why Us Over Someone Else?

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I've Never Done This, What is The Process?

Don't worry, it's very simple. Look at the different booths we offer, Photo Booth Lite, Photo Booth and Photo Booth Max.  Figure out what you would like and if you can't figure it out, we are always a phone call away to help you. Then fill out of contact form and we will check your date and be in contact with you.  We love to talk about what you want and the vibe of your event, so we can match it seamlessly.  If we are available on your date we will send you a quote and form there you can lock us in as your photo booth.  It really is that easy.

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Do you work with charities and Non Profits?

YEs working for a cause is some of the most rewarding things we do.  We love to partner with them to help raise more money for their cause.  Please inquire about how to get your doners to SPONSOR a booth to raise more for the cause.  Email sponsor@elitevideobooths.com